Powerless Children Need

Powerful Voices.

Powerless Children Need Powerful Voices.

Our Mission

To support the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect in central Illinois by providing financial resources to local agencies engaged in fighting child abuse and neglect.

Why Our Work Matters: 2022 Stats

  • 288 forensic interviews were conducted
  • 89 medical referrals were made
  • 590 hours were dedicated to criminal justice advocacy
  • 65 clients (children, teens and non-offending caregivers) were provided mental health services

The above statistics are representative of the services provided by the McLean County Children's Acvocacy Center (CAC) and McLean County Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Funds raised from CPN support these two organizations so they can provide these services to help local children.

CASA Stats

•In 2022, 273 children were involved in McLean County Juvenile Abuse/Neglect Court system

•In 2022, 105 active CASA volunteers advocated for 155 children and devoted 5,673 hours of advocacy 

•Approximately 57% of children involved in the Juvenile Abuse/Neglect Court system were served by the CASA program

What does a CASA do?

•Advocates for the best interests of the child medically, personally, educationally, and legally
•Visits at least once a month with the child
•Verifies that appropriate services are identified, provided, and maintained for the child
•Verifies the progress of the biological parents
•Observes parent-child visits
•Attends all court hearings, Child Family Team Meetings, and Administrative Case Reviews
•Maintains monthly contact with CASA case supervisor, agency caseworker, and other agencies
•Authors a court report and makes recommendations to the judge as to the best interest of the child

How You Can Help

Contributions to the Child Protection Network provide critical funding to support the efforts of local organizations dedicated to helping local children.

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