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Calling all CASAnovas!

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The kids of McLean County need your help!


The Child Protection Network (CPN) is looking for YOU - a highly influential community member, who loves a little competition and has the ability to change a child’s story.


What is a CASAnova?

CASAnovas are extremely essential to CPN's fundraising efforts and play a key role in working to raise funds by spreading the word to friends, colleagues, and the community to compete for the coveted “King/Queen of CASA” crown.  We will also virtually partner each CASAnova with a CASA volunteer to act as your promoter.

The online competition begins March 1st as CASAnovas work to solicit $1.00 votes with the goal of reaching a minimum of 1,200 votes ($1,200).

How did we come up with this amount?  $1,200 is the cost per child for CASA Advocacy.

On April 24th we will tally up the votes and the CASAnova with the highest number of votes will win the title of "King/Queen of CASA."  The winner will be announced at our annual fundraising event.

Who can apply be a CASAnova?

In order to make our financial goal, we are looking for a minimum of 10 community members to participate.  Anyone can apply, and this is a perfect opportunity for anyone who:

  • Wants to promote themselves in the community on a personal or professional level
  • Has a passion for helping children in the community

Perks of being a CASAnova:

  1. Advertise your name and business on all marketing materials (including radio, print, social media, etc.) associated with this campaign through The Child Protection Network
  2. Radio appearances to promote your business and role as a CASAnova
  3. Opportunity to provide business information and/or swag in all table host packages at our April 24th event
  4. Bragging rights to the first virtual “King/Queen of CASA”
  5. The pleasure of supporting local kids who have been victims of abuse and neglect

Your responsibilities as a CASAnova:

  1. Sign up and fill out the information on the CASAnova web page provided by CPN (once application status is confirmed).
  2. Commit to registering to attend our annual fundraising event on Saturday, April 24, 2020.
  3. Participate by sharing this event through word of mouth, social media, etc. to solicit $1.00 votes.
  4. Agree to have your photo and information posted on our event website and all marketing materials.
  5. Advocate for a current CASA volunteer by sharing their story.
  6. Understand and agree that all proceeds support The Child Protection Network and McLean County CASA program.
  7. Most importantly, have FUN with this competition!

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