Join the Blue Crew

The Blue Crew is made up of individuals and organizations who are engaged in heightening community awareness of CPN’s mission as well as supporting and conducting CPN fund development initiatives throughout the year.


For more information and to get involved simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call CPN at 309-445-2280 and ask for Megan.


Become a Board Member

Consider becoming a part of CPN’s Board Leadership Team. Volunteer engagement as a part of the Child Protection Network’s Board of Directors offers the opportunity to make a very real difference in the lives of children and families in our community. It also offers an excellent opportunity to utilize and broaden your personal expertise and experiences, as well as, growing your social and professional network. CPN Board Member commitment include:


  1. Attend regular monthly meetings of the Child Protection Network (CPN). Meetings are approximately one hour in duration. Be accessible for personal contact in between board meetings.
  2. Provide leadership to board committees. Each board member is expected to serve as an active, ongoing member of at least one committee. This requires additional meetings plus individual committee task completion time. Presently committees include: Executive, Finance, Ad Hoc, Development and Communications, Public Awareness/Education.
  3. Commit time to developing financial resources for CPN. This includes making a personally meaningful financial gift as well as supporting other fund development activities of CPN in a manner appropriate for a board member.
  4. Prepare in advance for decision making and policy formation at board meetings. Take responsibility for self-education on the major issues before the board.
  5. Responsibly review and act upon committee recommendations bought to the board for action.
  6. Participate in the annual board member self-review process.
  7. Participate in the annual board development and strategic planning process.
  8. Utilize personal and professional skills, relationships and knowledge for the advancement of CPN.

Upcoming Events

VIRTUAL Blue Kids Benefit

October 2017









For concerns regarding child abuse or neglect please call the Abuse Hotline: 1.800.252.2873

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