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A high five for kids is a high five for the entire community.

Donate just $5 and help FIVE local organizations!

The Child Protection Network created High Five For Kids as a way for the entire community to get involved with child abuse awareness and victim support.  Bloomington-Normal families can give a virtual “high five” to organizations that are actively working with children of abuse.

High fives are when one person slaps the palm of another.  They are typically a gesture of congratulation, solidarity, or greeting.  Through this campaign, we hope to show solidarity in our community by coming together to provide financial resources to local agencies that support the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect.

About the High Five For Kids Organizations 

Funds raised from High Five For Kids will go directly to these five agencies that provide valuable child abuse programs and advocacy:

How to participate:

  1. Making a donation is simple.  Simply click the button that corresponds to your desired donation amount.  Give a "high five" with a minimum donation of just $5 which will provide $1 in support of each organization.  All funds will be split among the five organizations, so your simple gift can help a large number of children in need in our community.   **Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous CPN donor, every dollar raised (up to $5,000) will be MATCHED.**
  2. SHARE!  Help us spread the word by sharing the information on your social media.  Don't forget to include #highfiveforkids
  3. Get creative!  This campaign is something the whole family can get involved in.  You can raise funds by donating a portion of garage sale proceeds or encouraging group donations.  Even the kids can participate by doing chores or odd jobs around the house.  Businesses can get involved by setting up a "spare change" jar or selling items that donate a portion of the proceeds.  The possibilities are endless!

Learn more about the agencies supported through the High 5 for Kids Campaign.