Sonya Closen, Board Member

Sonya is the SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) Coordinator at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center. What this means, is she helps with education for the staff and assists with patients when they come in during a terrible time in their lives. Sonya works with the local advocacy group to make sure that holistic care is brought to these patients after their assault. Sonya works with Sexual Assault patients at any age group. Sonya also works in the Emergency Department as a Registered Nurse when she is not in the SANE role. Sonya decided to work with CPN because not only does it tie into the SANE work that she does, but she also believes that any child has a right to be heard and that no one should go unnoticed. In her downtime, Sonya likes to spend time with her pets and take day trips with her fiancé on their motorcycle.