You’ve Been Flocked

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The CPN Blue Flamingo Flock has stopped by for a visit and some time in the sun,

The goal is to raise money and to have some fun!

You’ve been flocked. Now what?

Share the fun and spread awareness! 

Post a photo and tag us (FB: @mcleancpn; IG: 

Don’t forget to make your post public and include the hashtags #soflockingfuntosupportcpn, #ivebeenflocked, and #mcleancpn

In case you didn’t know, flamingos are very territorial and need to be placed on another lawn soon.  The flamingos will be removed by the highly trained Flamingo Removal Service Professionals within 3 days. Please do not remove or relocate them yourself.  If you would like to have them removed right away, please contact us by clicking HERE or emailing

We hope you enjoyed the surprise flocking and the spirit and good with which it was intended.  We appreciate your support of this fun, awareness-building fundraiser, however, child abuse and neglect is no laughing matter and continues to impact our local community.  Donations to our organization help provide support for hundreds of local children. Learn more about the Child Protection Network (CPN).

I want to flock a friend!

I don’t want to send a flock but would like to donate to support CPN!

I don’t want to send a flock or make a donation.

Want to know who flocked you?

While we don’t automatically reveal the name of the person that flocked you, there are a couple of ways that you can find out.

  1. Post a photo of your flock on social media.  (Don’t forget to make it public and use the hashtags listed above.) Hopefully, someone will come forward to tell you “who the flock did this!”
  2. For a $20 donation to CPN, we will give you the name of the person that flocked you.  (Note, you can flock them back if you want to!  Click HERE to check availability).  To make a donation and learn your flocker’s name, click the button below.

Who the Flock Did This?

The Child Protection Network is a 501(c)3 organization that raises funds to help local agencies that support the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect.

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